Your Message is Important!

Everything from your great tagline to your copy on every page of your site to the colors and design you choose is critical to engaging your clients.

Every choice you make tells the story of your product and your company.

It is important for Israeli businesses engaging with clients all over the world to do more than use English well on their sites, or for their sites to look nice.

They must also understand the nuances of business, sales and the culture of their target audience.  Images, symbols and colors are another form of language.

If you want your business to perform at its peak, make sure you use peak talent to make sure your branding and copy are perfect.

-Julie Gray

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Do Children Need Religion in Order to Be Bad?

This is an interesting question! I wonder what the conflict in Israel and Palestine would be like if religion were not a part of it!

As Big As Life

We exist, you and I, in what is perhaps the most challenging period in history for people who genuinely want to know what is true.

I almost finished that sentence with “for people who genuinely want to know what is true about God.” But it applies virtually to every kind of truth.

We are not born omniscient, not born trained up in rigorous critical thinking. For good or for ill, our given culture hands us, developmentally, the tools we need for dealing with a complex reality.

WEB-rosaryCatholics believe our rich culture was birthed in a thousand different ways from an encounter with Christ, God’s full expression of Himself to mankind. “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” As interfaces with reality go that’s pretty good. In our time, however, the role of Catholic culture has become very weak tea indeed. Even parents who raise their children in a home permeated with Catholic…

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