How Is Your About Page?

Often in the world of start up and high tech, the “about” page can be very minimal and sometimes dry. It’s often just repeated copy from other pages.

Take a few minutes to personalize your “about” page with more than copy but with a compelling story of WHO you are and what your inspiration and mission is. This is your chance to not just inform but INSPIRE.

Remember – clients and consumers want more than your amazing app or product, they want to feel connected to your brand and to become loyal to it.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, a feeling that you took a few moments to say something fresh and new about yourself shows that you really care about what you are doing and that more is in store.

Everybody loves a good story. So make your “about” more than just copy.

Contact Julie Gray for expert, Hollywood style pitching and presentation workshops for your start up or high tech company TODAY. 


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