Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Talk Video |

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Talk Video |


Tony Robbins on the Defining Factor in Your Success

This Ted talk is fantastic and I guarantee you will feel 200% more inspired after you watch it. Performance, change, and the way emotions impact your business life. Decision is the ultimate power. The defining factor is resourcefulness, something Israelis know a little something about.

דיבורים טד זה פנטסטי ואני מבטיח לך להרגיש 200% יותר השראה אחרי שאתה צופה בו. רגשות ביצועים, שינוי, ואת הדרך שישפיעו על החיים של העסק שלך. החלטה היא הכוח האולטימטיבי.הגורם המגדיר הוא תושייה, ישראלים משהו יודעים משהו קטן עליו.

Another Israeli Innovation: SMS as shopping list

Gil Avrahami was at the shopping mall, looking for a gift for his mother’s birthday. Entrusted with making sure he got the right gift, he was texting back and forth with is sister constantly. This one? This purse? That perfume? These shoes? What do you think?

You can imagine it’s already tough to get an Israeli – or ANY – man into a mall, much less be texting every few minutes about what color purse or type of perfume mom would like more.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Then it came to Gil – wait – what if he could text several pictures and choices at once, and he and his sister could save a ton of time and just choose the right item, with the right price and be done with it?

Two years later, Gil is the co-founder and co-creator of Buzzzter, an sms application that raises the bar on Whatsapp, because it lets users post polls, pictures and lists in a single text. Planning a party? Easy. Need to figure out the right gift? Having trouble deciding which apartment is the better one? Enter – Buzzzter.

But it gets better – Gil had a surprise coming – the app, as it turns out, is wildly successful among retailers with inventory needs. buzzzter

A moment of frustration brought about a moment of inspiration and after a lot of hard work, challenges and commitment, Gil and his partner Shahar Zer unveiled Buzzzter. Who knows, maybe a billion dollar buy out is in their future too!

What Can Start Up Nation Teach Hollywood?

I have compared writers and creatives to entrepreneurs. We are visionaries, we are rebels, we want to see our ideas WORK.  We work in a sometimes seemingly hostile, risk averse environment and we have to be business savvy and yet also preserve that part of us that creates, whether we are creating stories or apps or new technology. persondesert

But our creation won’t see the light of day unless we get the money, the producers, the investors to make it real. And these are business people who are afraid of risks. So how do you create in that environment? How do you continue to not only feel hopeful and inspired but to surmount obstacles to your creativity like competition, scarce funds and constantly hearing the word “no” or “maybe”?

First of all the scarcity thing just isn’t true. There is more demand than ever for content, entertainment and for technology. We are living in a golden age for creatives. Even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

I have written a lot about staying inspired about creating for the sheer pleasure of it. And I still absolutely stand by this line of thinking. If you aren’t having fun with your writing or your visionary idea, then something elemental and important is missing.

But how DO you navigate the inevitable disappointments and minefields of being a creative in a very competitive environment? Does Start Up Nation have anything to teach writers and creatives across the pond?

If you haven’t read Start Up Nation, you should. It the story of the “economic miracle” of Israel. A country surrounded by enemies, with no natural resources, but with more start ups per capita than much larger, more peaceful nations. How do we do it?

Start Up Nation

Start Up Nation

When the going gets tough – and it’s always tough – Israelis don’t take no for an answer. They just find another way.

Don’t take no for an answer. Your script didn’t take off? How’s your novel going? Stuck on that for awhile? How about that great blog you started last year, how’s the readership on that? Have you pitched an essay to an online publication you admire?

There are many trails up the mountain, but in time, they all reach the top.

~ Anya Seyton

Perhaps instead of waiting for the Hollywood system, which is risk averse and mysteriously, seemingly rigged, you make your own system and make an indie film or publish your own book or start your own blog.  Perhaps your amazing app, which didn’t take off so well, is actually going to take off hugely in another niche. It happens. 

Let “no” invigorate you. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you are creating and telling stories and adding to the human narrative with your vision – there IS someone who wants what you’ve got.

Writers and entrepreneurs have a lot to teach each other – a sort of symbiosis soup of creativity, flexibility and persistence. But Start Up Nation can teach writers something even more – don’t wait for conditions to be just right – MAKE the right conditions.

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