My Recommendations

Thank you for the great and enriching presentation you made at the high-tech entrepreneurs club in Even Yehuda! The workshop was a big success!

As you know, the club’s goal is to create an supportive and enriching environment for high-tech entrepreneurs, to help and give tools to entrepreneurs with various lectures that combine the best lecturers in the field and learn from the experience of entrepreneurs by sharing their projects, challenges, personal stories, dealing with failures and situations that were on the way.

Thank you for sharing with us your rich experience and thank you for taking part in most memorable session. Our attendees were VERY enthusiastic about your workshop and have asked for you to come speak to us again soon!

Nagina Eliav
Even Yehuda High-Tech Entrepreneurs Club

A real pleasure, Julie, to work with you on the copy and feel of Zazoo’s upcoming new venture. You are the best!

Romi Luft
Co-Founder, Zazoo

You took our product to the next level, Julie, and Buzzzter is doing well in the market we focused on thanks to your help!

Gil Avrahami
CEO, Buzzzter

Amazing work, Julie, on both writing smart, enthusiastic copy for our set and helping Identistyler market ourselves toward an American market!

Yuval Bar-Or
Co-Founder, Identistyler


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