Hands On Workshops

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After working in the high-octane entertainment business in Hollywood for over a decade,  Julie Gray works in Israel in another high risk, high stakes, exciting business – training start-ups and entrepreneurs to design and present their vision in a variety of forums such as venture capital funds, angel investors, conferences and more.

From Hollywood to Silicon Wadi, one success at a time. 

All workshops are in English. Please select the workshop that works for you and your company and contact Julie Gray to discuss scheduling and availability.

Effective Presentations, Pitches and Meetings

Goal: This workshop will give your employees the tools and confidence they need to better organize and present projects and ideas by teaching them tools used by Hollywood producers and writers. Participants will learn how to bullet point their ideas, how to engage a listener with clarity, and how to navigate a meeting with perfection and get great results.

Includes: 2 hour, presentation, 1 hour role playing and exercises designed to leave your employees inspired and confident.

Results: Employees will gain the skills and confidence to present their ideas clearly, in an organized manner, and in an effective and compelling way that get you the results you need.

Details: This is a three hour workshop, limited to 20 employees.

Effective Presentations, Pitches and Meetings Intensive

Goal: This extended version of the first workshop goes into much more detail, including cultural differences, reading body language and how to get a meeting or presentation back on track. Participants will have a chance for an extended, personalized Q&A time and specific situations will be role-played.

Includes: Presentation, worksheets, role-playing, Q&A, working through specific questions and situations.

Results: Employees will gain the skills to present their ideas clearly, recognize cultural differences, repair mistakes and deliver their message perfectly.

Details: This is a six hour workshop, limited to 20 employees.

Writing Workshops for Employees and Managers

Goal: Every piece of writing within your company matters. From intra-company communications to communications with potential and current customers. This workshop will go over some of the basics of writing clearly in English (grammar, sentence structure and composition) as well as how to make your point as briefly and clearly as possible.

Includes: Presentation, examples and worksheets.

Results: Employees and managers will learn how to write more clearly and in an organized fashion that makes reading their communication fast and painless.

Details: This is a 2 hour workshop, limited to 20 employees.

One on One Coaching for Executives and Managers

Goal: Tailored to your specific needs, one-on-one coaching includes public speaking, writing and meeting skills designed to help you gain the confidence and you need to build your business and your reputation.

Includes: Three one hour meetings, customized to fit your schedule and needs.

Results: Increased confidence, skills and a dedicated coach to make sure your next big meeting is the best of your career.


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