Why is Pitching Important?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Your pitch meeting did not go well. But why?

You had all the facts, you and your team have worked day and night, you are a smart innovator and a good business person – so what went wrong?

Perfect your pitching skills TODAY. Get your team excited and motivated in meetings. Get investors and accelerators excited to get involved.

  • Speak more clearly, entertainingly and effectively in pitches and in meetings.
  • Grab the attention of your listener and keep them engaged.
  • Use body language and gestures for more effective communication.
  • Interpret the body language of your listener.
  • Learn about the psychology of listening.
  • Turn a meeting that is not going well into a great meeting.
  • Navigate the many cultural differences between Americans and Israelis in business settings.

Pitch Perfect offers workshops and private coaching in English, that will get you the YES answers you need to succeed.

Julie Gray has over ten years experience working in the high stakes, risk averse, fast-paced business of Hollywood pitches and brings that knowledge to high tech innovators and entrepreneurs in Israel.

Workshops are available to suit your needs. 

Contact Julie Gray at 052-748-0934.


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